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Thread: Weekly Recap!

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    Weekly Recap!

    Hey guys, sorry the recap is a bit late, but better late then never right?!

    So the past week has been just as crazy as the week before. After being teased with the screen shots of running on the Tour, we were blessed with a leak of the OS. This was heavily anticipated by many Tour owners, and the frenzy began nearly as soon as it was leaked. The initial reactions of some were very positive, and their findings can be found here, but sadly not everyone had such a great experience with this OS. Many reported that they were unable to load this OS onto their Tour at all, and their discussion and findings can be found here. While the leak seemed stable for those who could load it, there were some downfalls that seemed to cause people to want to downgrade, such as lack of charging indicator, lack of BBM5 compatibility, App World and Facebook would not run, etc. Lots of talk surfaced, around a leak of, which actually appears to have leaked last night, and you can pick up your copy of it here.

    Tour owners were not the only ones who got blessed with a leak, the Storm owners have gotten their chance to have some fun as well this week. For many Storm owners great disappointment came in the leak that they were presented with. This appeared to be a hot topic all over our forums, check out the following threads if you wish to catch up on all you have missed. Findings and Fixes 1, Findings and Fixes 2, Findings and Fixes 3. One hot topic that caused lots of grumbling among the members was the lack of camera on the .191 leak. Some people have made light of the situation, as you can see in this thread where the user has claimed to have a working camera on .191. It appears as though Hybrid creators are hard at work on creating some wild brews, and we are looking forward to seeing what they can pump out! In some other OS news, was dropped for the 9530, and dropped for the 9500 users.

    Some interesting news came as a big surprise to many, when AT&T pulled for the Bold. BGR had reported the OS was pulled because the “software issue affecting the interaction between the device and network enhancements bring deployed.” This came a big disappointment, since this was the first official release since November for the Bold! For those who like to play with leaks, was found out there for the Bold, and you can check out other members experiences with that leak here.

    In some other site news, some amazing contests were run, and they appeared to be a big hit among our members! The first contest run was for 3 Free Otterbox Cases. We had a large turn out, and we announced our lucky 3 winners, which can be found here. Many thought this was our big contest of the week, but then we hit everyone up with our most popular giveaway to date.

    Coveroo was generous enough to donate 5 Free Coveroo's to our site for our great members, and it appeared as though a huge number of people were interested in this. While we wish we could give one to everyone, we had to have only 5 winners, which we announced here. Congrats to those winners, and it sure is amazing to see everyone congratulating the winners, and keeping positive spirits!

    R&R Themes hooked us up with on of our wildest giveaways, where this time nearly everyone who entered was a winner. Check out the winners of this extravaganza here!

    All this seems wild enough, but there was plenty of other things going on around the forums in the past week, which can be summed up here.

    Blackberry Blackhawk specs
    Blackberry 9700 A.K.A Onyx, Specs
    Bold 9700 (Onyx) OS v5.0.0.215 About Screenshot
    Possible BBM Leaked???
    Typing on the Odin!
    Storm 2 Accessories Shows up in Vodafone System!
    Storm 2 Coming to Verizon October 14th??
    New Details for the 9100 aka Striker

    Centifuge Premium Theme for 8900 & 9630
    HeroBerry 2.0 released and on sale for BBOS members!
    SlideBerry ZOOM 2.0 with 6 Different Colors
    Tour themes from JM Designs!

    Blackberry Master Control Program
    AmAze GPS
    FREE Pacman For Your Blackberry
    Viigo adds Rock!
    You Mail Upgrade

    More contests? Ok, we can do that for you, stay tuned!

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    Very informative and nice recap for the busy week

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    Well Done....Very informative and put together very nicely!

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