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    Weekly Blackberry Recap!

    Hello everyone, dreamtobelieve here to bring you a weekly recap of one hectic week for all of us Blackberry addicts! This week was filled with contests, leaks, updates and just sheer enjoyment for Blackberry owners across the board.

    Let's start with our giveaways, this week we wrapped up a few of our giveaways, and announced our winners! We started the week with announcing the winners of our 25 Free Copies of LaterDude Pro, and if you missed it you can find the winners here! Congrats to all of our winners on this giveaway, and for those who weren't lucky this time, if you wish to pick up a copy of this application or any of Fabian Heuweiser's other applications, point your mouse here for some rather useful applications!

    Our next giveaway of the week was for 50 Free UberTwitter Subscriptions. As many know, they have released a paid version, which will be ad free, and have turned the ads back on to the free version. UberTwitter is one of the most downloaded Twitter applications for the Blackberry, and our members seemed to really want to get themselves a free subscriptions. The winners of this great giveaway have been announced here! If you are one of the lucky winners, and have not yet followed the contact instructions, please do so ASAP, so we can get your prize to you!

    Our third, and final giveaway this week was for 20 copies of the iBerry with Slide to Unlock theme, which later we were informed that Lunars Edge was also going to include a free copy of Lock Tilt for our lucky winners. This was a big hit amongst the storm owners, especially the ones who looked for a great interactive theme, that changed the whole look and feel of the phone. Our lucky winners were announced here and have all been contacted, so if your name is on the list, and you weren't contacted, please let us know so we can get this resolved ASAP!

    While we have run some great giveaways already, this is only the tip of the iceberg, and I can guarentee you that we have some upcoming giveaways that will be sure to blow you away, and you will not want to miss! Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to see the amazing accessories, themes and applications that we have to giveaway to our members!

    Even though we ran all these great giveaways this week, it was hard to keep them in the spotlight once we received some huge leaks, and some promising information about upcoming OS versions! As many saw, there was OS 5.0 leaks this week for the Storm, Bold, Curve8900, and the Tour.

    Lets start with the Bold and 8900, since they after all got one of the biggest face lifts! The 8900 leak was and the Bold also got leaked Both of these leaks were huge for the entire Blackberry community, as we have now seen into the future and one of the big concerns amongst many users has been addressed. Threaded SMS is a feature that tons of users have hoped and prayed would be on an upcoming OS, well finally it appears as though everyone's hopes have come true, and the .190 and higher 5.0 builds appear to have the threaded sms!

    For the Storm owners, the leak for this week was OS, which many people I'm sure have felt it to be long overdue upon hearing about it and were happy to be able to ditch, until they loaded it. Many owners were completely disatisfied with the .154 leak, and as quickly as they had thought to install it, they had the same thoughts of downgrading it. The leak of .154 for the Storm was quickly overshadowed when pictures of OS surfaced. looks rather promising for all of you Storm owners who stuck by the device from the start! Check out our pictures of this and our discussion here!

    Now, the Tour, many have wondered when we would see an OS 5.0 leak for this device, and many have been anxious, well the time has come, and from the forums it appears as though was not favored by many members, check out their findings here. While at first many people were quickly disappointed by this, news came that brightened just about every Tour owners day. One very very lucky person appears to have been able to obtain OS for the Tour, and posted some great teaser photo's of the OS.

    While it appears as though the OS leaks and discussions have taken over the Blackberry community, there was some other big news that has surfaced, and should not be forgotten about.

    Another 9550 Video!
    Blackberry Storm2 set to Release in October?
    RIM Acquires Torch Mobile
    Storm 2 Gets Naked!
    More Pics of Storm 2 and "Piezo" Technology!
    Blackberry 8520 in Violet?
    RIM Says Blackberry Browser Will Match Mobile Safari Next Year
    ATT To Support Visual Voice Mail on .297

    BBAmpd - Tour 9600 Edition - Now Available
    Orbital Series by AHazDesigns
    Geared for the Storm
    9630 Fresh by BBThemeDesigns
    9630 Crystal Clear Rellims (95xx)

    Baby Go App for Blackberry
    Meteberry for the Tour
    New release for Poynt, reservations for restaurants!
    New App! Flood | Challenging and addicting puzzle game! Free trial!

    Stay tuned for some great giveaways! You are sure to be impressed!

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    One heck of a week for the BB world that is for sure

    Great job Dream :fing02:

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    Nicely done Recap D2B and Thank you BBOS:1244:

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    Yes very nice writeup. Good job D2B

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    OS by BBCrackman
    Great, this is very usefull for the users can't login everyday.


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    Nice work DTB!!

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