This past week has been packed with numerous exciting moments. The largest of course being when Apple called RIM out about the “supposed” antenna flaw. We assumed that would end with a response, as our gut feelings prevailed, we got a worthy response. Apple claims that RIM’s devices (specifically the 9700) have an antenna flaw just like their unappealing iPhone 4. As numerous sites have held polls (such as your BlackberryOS) we’ve clearly seen by the general public that this was proven to be false. No more than a few days after Apple held their antenna conference accusing RIM, RIM came back with a statement claiming Apple was completely wrong and shouldn’t blame their own defective devices issues on RIM. Here is a quick snippet from what RIM had to say in response to Apple:
Apple's claims about RIM products appear to be deliberate attempts to distort the public's understanding of an antenna design issue and to deflect attention from Apple's difficult situation.

Aside from Apple’s weak attempt at deflecting the attention, we’ve had numerous rumors and information about the 8700 Slider come to light. Our good pal Salomandrin has let everyone know that the 9800 Slider could potentially be show to us in multiple spectrums of the color scale; we may see the 8700 Slider in white and also in black! We’ve also seen the website Truesupplier put parts up for sale for the 9800 Slider. Generally when these parts come to sale, it’s a sign we’re getting closer to the release. This all makes sense, since we’ve been hearing rumors for some time now that the 9800 Slider will be released near the end of summer thus putting those rumors and this information together, it only cements their validity.

What makes a phone worthy of using? The applications that it supports. There have been numerous application upgrades as well as numerous application releases this past week. Bolt Browser was updated to v2.11 which will improve the server response times. Qype, which is a smart location-based application, has been updated to v2.0. WorldMate, an application that is necessary for frequent travelers, has updated their application to v4.0. WhoIsIt by The Jared Company, it allows you to customize the LED of ANY communication method to a specific color allowing you to always know who’s contacting you, has recently went into beta. To finish off application update/betas Google Mobile App has updated to v3.7.15 which didn’t include a change log so updates are unknown.

Another thing that is highly useful in having a phone worthy of using is themes. BlackberryOS has seen numerous (amazing might I add) themes that were released this previous week. A few I would like to point out are Helios by Mobster Mobile Design, boxBerry by KD, Red Lines by Adorno, Metal Aluminium by Adorno and last but certainly not least Blue Glass by Adorno. All of these themes are either free/premium but most importantly are supplied by members of the BlackberryOS website. Personally my favorite would be boxBerry by KD because it’s not only very unique but has a catchy look to it as well.

What’s better than having to buy an application/theme? Winning them in contests! We’ve had numerous contests sponsored by a very good amount of excellent and very generous companies. First off, Techercom, the makers of Tether for BlackBerry, have given us 4 copies of Tether to give away to members! Lunars Edge Design has been generous enough to give us 25 (Yes, 25!) copies of their iVista 360 theme to give away to our members. Here is one that that is a well beyond generous; Horizon Wireless has given us 50 free unlock codes to give away to our members. So if you’ve been dyeing to unlock your phone and use it on a better network (AT&T?) then I strongly suggest entering this contest! Last but not least for the contest giveaways, the creators of Telenav have given us 4, one year subscriptions of their GPS service!

To wrap this weekly review up, BlackberryOS is looking for some people who wouldn’t mind giving up 20 minutes here or there to write some articles. There are always perks that tag along with this position. Whether you’re experienced or are willing to learn, we’ll take you or teach you, either way! To snag a slot as a BlackberryOS writer simply Private Message Neolantis and he will get you on your way to becoming a BlackberryOS Staff Member!