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    BlackBerry Weekly Recap July 11

    The big news this week would be the amazing contests that started on the 4th of July and have spread across the month. So far we have had four major contests launch. First was the 4th of July contest itself, with a Giveaway from Tehercom. Which was followed by a great giveaway from Lunar's Edge Themes. Horizon Wireless then chipped in 50 unlocks codes, which was followed by the very nice giveaway from Telenav. With all the contests we had this week, we rocked it hard. For those who did not enter in these contest giveaways just yet, you still have time on some of them. Tethercom and iVista Theme are done, however the unlocks and Telenav GPS are still going. Also know that we still have MANY contests to come.
    Hint: Watch the Front Page Blog Tomorrow!!!

    Everyone seemed to be excited and ready to celebrate America's Independence. We saw many individuals contributing to the holiday, we even got to see a nice video of the famous Chet Atkins singing "Stars and Stripes Forever". We also saw a lot of Blackberry related celebrations too. Toysoft was a big one with a 50% Off Sale for the holiday. There were a few others celebrating the 4th of July as well, and it all seemed to fit the mood. The 4th of July was more spectacular then ever before. Fireworks, out in Denver, were amazing this year and I had an amazing holiday. I hope you all were equally impress/amazed by the fireworks as I was, this year.

    The application news this week was amazing as well. It almost seemed as though the Apps had taken over our front page. There were no OS releases or leaks this week, so it made all the application news stand out that much more. The week started out with some great news about a new Golf App hitting Blackberry Appworld. This new app was greatly timed with the height of the golf season. Newsweek also launched a new application, and Boarders launched a new eBook Store for Blackberry. Along with all the new app launches there were a handful of updates made on old apps. The big one, in my mind, was the upgrade of the IM+ Multi-Messenger Client with its all new interface. There was also an update for WordPress, making it now Version 1.3. It was also nice to see a very loved Beta become an Official app this weekend. This week it was Twitter for Blackberry that graduated from Beta school.

    Lastly I would just like to remind you that there is a list of links below with all the news from the past week. We can not always fit all the links into a Weekly Recap Story so check out the list so you do not miss a beat.





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