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    BlackBerry Weekly Recap July 3

    I would like to start this weeks 'Weekly Recap' off with a new BlackberryOS milestone. Just today our owner Joseph Jerde announced that we have Reached 1000+ Facebook Fans. After just reaching 15,000+ Members in our BBOS forums, this is a great accomplishment!

    Next, I want to say Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July . Thursday the 1st, was day the Canadians rejoiced and partied. Tomorrow is the big day for all those south of the Canadian border and BB Theme Designs started partying early! In American tradition, we will have BBQ's, Fireworks, Beer and BlackberryOS giveaways. Yes the anticipation of tomorrow big announcement, has just gotten the best of me. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow as I will be announcing some big giveaways.

    Now to get to some of the juicy stuff. This was a big week for applications. We had new apps release, apps come out of beta, as well as old apps updated. The biggest app news was the leaked info announcing the launch of Blackberry Messenger v5.0.1.17 in Beta Zone. Along with that, we had a few new apps release: Unibrowse, Wells Fargo Mobile and ShareIT by JaredCO. New is great, however we also have a bunch of older apps updated, including the big news about Score Mobile and PhotoBucket.

    On Blackberry Operating Systems front, there were only 2 phones that received some love this week. The 9530 got their love from Leaked OS and the 8350i got it's love from Telus. Other than these two phone, we were all quite this past week, however there was my Theme Thursday with a very nice Hello Kitty Shopping Theme for all devices.

    Lastly I would just like to remind you that there is a list of links below with all the news from the past week. We can not always fit all the links into a Weekly Recap Story so check out the list so you do not miss a beat.
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