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    BlackBerry Weekly Recap June 26

    It seems like we have been getting some great OS love from all the carriers recently. We have has some amazing app news and even a few leaks. In total the week has been more than crazy and with a mixing bowl of news topics we are here again with a new Weekly Recap.

    I guess we should start with the important stuff! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dad's out there!!! What cool Blackberry things did you get for Father's Day?? On Father's Day, BBOS held a Blackberry Father's Day Giveaway and the winner was picked a few days later.

    The next thing on my list would be all the BlackBerry themes that have been bouncing around the web. If you have not heard, there were some great price breaks on some of the major themes in the past few weeks. Just this week was Week 4 of the Theme Throwdown and this was also the week that the Theme Thursday Reviews returned. There have also been several new themes submitted to our forums by our great BBOS users (Check Links Below).

    BlackBerry Operating Systems have been leaking and releasing like crazy this week. We have had several releases from major carriers, including a New 9700 Release from T-Mobile and a release for the new 9100/9105 3G Pearl. Yes, this device is not out just yet, however the OS's are starting to launch. OS6 has also started to make an appearance on the OS market. has just released some Hybrids containing OS6 files. Some BBOS members do not feel that they are any good, however it is a start! OS6 hybrids can only get better as time goes on! There were also a few other OS launches over the week and the links are posted below.

    In the app world there were many releases, updates, and changes made this week. First off I would like to bring up the BlackBerry AppWorld 2.0 Video. Yes this topic is starting to get old and it is almost like beating a dead horse, however this video is VERY informative and gives you a great viewing of the new features to come. Along with more news on Appworld 2.0, we have the Public Announcement of Google Voice, the BlackBerry Wallpaper Generator on Facebook, the Next Step in CallerID and the announcement of the new Private BlacckBerry Traffic App. This new PRIVATE Beta is made by RIM and is currently in testing within the Blackberry Beta Zone. We do not have much more to say about the app at this time, we will let you know more as RIM officially releases information.

    Lastly I would just like to remind you that there is a list of links below with all the news from the past week. We can not always fit all the links into a Weekly Recap Story so check out the list so you do not miss a beat. I would also like to mention that BlackberryOS is currently recruiting new Staff Members. We are looking for dedicated Writers and Moderators to join our successful team. If you wish to give it a shot and join up, please send a Private Message to Administrator Neolantis. He will contact you back via PM and do your interview questions. You never know, you could be the next big writer for BBOS!!
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