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    BlackBerry Weekly Recap June 19

    It has been a busy week for us here at BBOS, with new staff changes and a new owner we are off in a great new direction. Along with our new staff comes new responsibilities. So from here on out yours truly will be doing the weekly recap.

    First thing out of the gate would be the great announcement of the new Blackberry Appworld 2.0, by far the biggest news this week! Some of you may know that I am a big OS fan. I am the type that needs to have the latest and greatest for my phone. If you are the same way you would have noticed all the OS releases this week and how Verizon had a big hand in that. Big Red, Verizon Wireless, released the for the Storm2 9550 and the for the Tour 9630, which seems to have many problems. Currently Verizon is replacing any 9630 Tour with a 9650, for any individual having issues with the new .732 operating system. Verizon is currently working with RIM to get a patch to fix the MANY, bugs in .732, hopefully sooner then later. Along with Verizon's nice OS releases, we have the new 9700 OS launch from AT&T, however it is not what we thought. AT&T released an OS that was outdated, and surpassed by the new released by Rodgers on Thursday and Optus Mobile PTY earlier in the week.[INDENT]

    Along with all the love given to our Blackberry OS's, we received some great news on some distinguished applications. Slacker Radio 3.1.80 has been outdated with the release of Slacker 3.1.86, however they were not the only one to give the community a new update. Both Trillian Beta and Photo Bucket Mobile were updated as well.

    Lastly I would just like to remind all of your to keep and eye out for some upcoming contest/giveaways so you may take advantage of them and take advantage of some free stuff!

    BlackBerry Curve 8910 Officially Announced by China Mobile
    RIM's Roadmap to Future Devices...
    RIM announces BlackBerry App World 2.0
    9550 OS Makes it to Verizon
    BlackBerry Tour 9630 Official OS - Verizon Wireless
    Official OS: For The BlackBerry Bold 9700 from at&t

    Premium || Football Theme All OS - Storm 95xx
    Premium || Football Theme All OS - Bold 9700
    iBlocks 96xx - Lunars Edge - Tour 9630
    NinjaBerry 85xx - Lunars Edge - Curve 85xx

    Slacker Radio Updated to 3.1.86
    Trillian Beta Updated to v1.0.0.215
    Photobucket Mobile updated to v2.02
    Cheer for your Team or Annoy your Friends!!!

    Theme Giveaway: 25 Copies From BB Theme Designs! - Winners Coming Soon
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