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    Vodafone Demonstrates the Storm 2!

    Image courtesy of Vodafone eForum

    Back in early August, BBOS got wind of some developing information pertaining to the internal computer systems at Vodafone and a listing of the anticipated Storm 2.
    Storm (9520) Coming To Vodafone DE

    These ninjas speculated on a rumored releasing of the long awaited device to be in October of 2009.
    A good deal of time as well as a report that Vodafone considered stopping the sale of Storm devices all together has passed in the Blackberry community.

    Now the speculation is drawing to a close.
    Just last month we reported Storm 2 Accessories Showing up in Vodafone Systems!
    To put the bow tie on the package, promotion material has begun to surface in the anticipated launch of the Gen 2 Blackberry touch screen device.

    Vodafone customers however may be more surprised than we are. Have a look at what some over at Vodafone eForum are writing.

    Are you looking forward to your carriers release of the Storm 2?
    I know I am.

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