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    I went from the Storm to the Pre...the plan is much better and the coverage is about the same as far as signal and dropped calls...but I regret every second I have to use the Pre!:irked: Its SLOW,the slider isnt smooth and is loose, its to small for my hands/fingers and nothing about the phone hardware or software is intuitive at all...

    If Verizon is going to carry the Pre I hope Sprint gets the Storm2...because i'd switch in a heartbeat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by equus View Post
    I do have the Pre thru Sprint since the launch day, been thru 6 replacements, now going on the 7th, so far so good.......IMHO, nothing comes close to the way how BB devices work flawlessly. Yeah I know I have to put the flame suit on as all the Palm fans will unload on me. Pre is just not a business device YET. Way too much stuff of mine keeps getting lost in the "clouds" often :aargh4: My IT guy said NO WAY he was gonna support it to push email thru our corp server, he said as long as you got that BB hanging on the side holster its get them toys out of my face and come back when they grow up>>> exact words of that "dude".......:hail:
    I had the Pre on launch day. 47 days later I was on Pre #5. The software is very intuitive...the hardware is absolute garbage. Slider issues (called the Oreo effect), Screen issues (white "cloud" at the bottom), terrible battery life, keyboard issues (cramped, in-op at times)...I could go on. I was so irritated with the Pre (hence the name TemperamentalMan) we left Sprint and came to Verizon. This was after I was told I would have to pay the deductible on an insurance claim to replace my final Pre. Ummmm, no. Defective phone. I payed $200.00 for a defective phone. Now I have to pay $100 insurance claim to get a refurb that isn't going to work right either!?!? Hello Big Red.

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