I have been using one since our Verizon Rep was able to sell them. All I had to do was plug in the power, ethernet cable to the router and make sure the GPS was getting a signal. You have to call Verizon Support once you connect it to have them activate the device. It seems kind of screwy but you cannot access any internal settings in the device and Verizon can activate and deactivate the device remotely just like a cable modem since the device has a MAC address. They have to make sure that the device is registered and activated before you can use it. You would think it would be ready to go out of the box since you do not pay a monthly fee for using it. I haven't had any issues after I called them to activate. The signal strength is great and the download speeds are mostly 1X but will jump back and fourth to 1XEV sometimes. They advertise that it will only run at 1X.