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    My Verizon app steps up to v5.0

    Verizon has pushed out My Verizon v5.0. I was never a big user of this app because to me it was VERY limited and the UI was lacking in functionality. Looks like the devs over at Big Red thought so as well because they surely re vamped this application. Now, the UI is outstanding and very conventional to use. The overall response time is amazing on my Storm2, and loading times are minimal. The feature that I will utilize most is the payments feature. I am notorious for paying all my bills at the last minute. With my mind on everything else, showing up at the local Verizon store with no Cash for the kiosk machine was not an uncommon thing for me.

    Yes, I know you can pay your bill online using the My Verizon website, however when I am out and about I just want to take care of everything and go home and relax. Now, when I am at SRP (my local electric company) standing in line, I can kill two birds with one stone and pay My Verizon Bill. It is limited to a one-time payment per month using the app, but it’s better than nothing. You now also have the ability of setting up Auto Bill Pay and whole bunch more. Below is a list of some of the new features. I would recommend this app to any Verizon Wireless customer now. It’s a very useful tool and can save you some time on the go if you are anything like me. My Verizon is a pushed application from Verizon, If you are still reading an older version of My Verizon, re sending your services books from the Verizon BIS website, or from the setup folder on your BlackBerry should do the trick.

    • View minute, message and data usage
    • Adjust allowance minutes on current plans
    • Make one-time payments and set up and maintain auto-pay
    • View upgrade eligibility and contract end date
    • Manage Friends & Family numbers

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    Excellent app!

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    It is a bit of old news, I had a problem with the upgrade and had posted in the forums a few weeks ago.

    FYI- I couldn't find a compatible app for my 9530 on the net. Once I finally deleted the original from my device, I realized it is a pushed app from Big Red.

    The new design is very nice, and easier to use. Options are layed out better so its easier to find what you need, making it a bit more useful. I always use my verizon to pay my bill.
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