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    Verizon's response to the FCC - 77 page response that is!

    Originally the FCC had given Verizon a deadline to respond regarding their early termination fee. That deadline was on 12-17-09. Then they gave them a break by extending it to Monday the 21st. Looks like Verizon didn't want to wait that long, because they delivered their 77 page response today, never even making it to the weekend.

    Some points they made in this doosy of a novel is:
    • ".....Verizon needs that extra guaranteed revenue to keep its broadband network up to snuff, since advanced devices are more likely to strain it."
    • ".....Verizon is still losing money, more than double the ETF..."

    Do you think the FCC will be satisfied with this response? Are they even answering the question? Stay tuned for round 3.

    What are your opinions?

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    I think that VZW is trying to toss as much BS on to the wall that way at least some of it will stick. Its all a crock of you know what. VZW is the nation's largest wireless provider. I HIGHLY doubt that Big Red needs to increase ETFs in order to make up for lost revenue. Besides, I would guess that they still have more people signing up for contracts everyday then they are losing existing customers. I think the main reason that VZW is trying to increase ETFs is to, at least in part, force the unhappy customers to at least reconsider the decision. Verizon has some of the highest priced plans, so I just do not see how it is possible that they need to increase ETFs for any other reason than to try and force the people not to cancel their service.

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    Verizon is sounding more and more like At&T

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    I was thoroughly disappointed when i heard this last week. There was an article in the New York Times that said finally, FCC gets off the dime and investigates VZW EFT charges.

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