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    FCC Looking Into VZW's New "Advanced Device" Termination Fee

    It would appear that their customers are not the only ones unhappy with Verizon's new early termination policy as the FCC is now looking into it and wondering why there was such a drastic increase.

    As most of us know thanks to Big Red's BOGO deals we have been able to pick up a free Blackberry when we purchase the first. The kind of crooked thing on the customers part was to terminate the free line pay the $175 early termination fee and then sell the device on eBay for 3 to 400 bucks to someone looking to avoid paying the 5 to 600 dollar full retail price. Can't really blame anyone except for the fact the VZW is taking the hit on the phone.

    So this is where the new $350 amount comes in, sure it doubles the monthly discount from 5 to 10 dollars for each month you keep your contract, $350 is still one steep amount to fork up for being dissatisfied with Big Red's service.

    As well as questioning the amount of the fee the FCC is also looking into the way Verizon defines "advanced device" and also some instances of miscellaneous data charges showing up on people's bills that don't have and have not used any data features.

    Looks like Big Red has a two thousand pound federal gorilla on their back. And they thought AT&T's lawyers were a pain in the neck.

    You can read the entire 4 page document the FCC sent Verizon here
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    Now this is interesting! Great write up vash21! Hopefully VZW goes back to the way it was before....will sure be watching this one unveil.
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