Hey guys.
I've been really getting into this Theme Building stuff, but little do people know that aside from a couple computer graphics courses 10 years ago in high school, everything I know about Theme building and SVG's is completely self taught...(with help from a couple "buddies"/sites online). Well I've ran into a little wall and need some help, but I need to know certain things that I think only RIM knows.

I'm trying to implement things into a home screen SVG that have never been used yet but I need to know certain commands that the SVG reader in the blackberry itself understands. The specific commands I need are: when you tap or highlight something/Hold your finger over something to keep it selected, To move/drag something, and deselect/release. An App developer actually might know the answer to this. I won't tell you what this is exactly applying to but I can tell you this that if I can accomplish what I'm trying for it would change the interface of the home screen in themes to a much "cooler" feel on certain elements like sliding docks.

I have search the blackberry site along with thier forums, which look pretty bone dry btw, with no luck. It might be in a user guide somewhere, but I haven't seen it yet...it is pretty detailed info. If any one knows any info or a direction for me, I MIGHT be willing to give up some of my new tricks....(I do still have a couple know ones seen yet like a different type of circular dock (different than the one on the Free CB theme collaboration) and...well you'll see in the next theme!)