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    Theme Builder 7.1 Banner height issue for 9900/9930

    The theme builder has the capability to modify the banner height for the 9900/9930 (OS7.1) within the theme builder program. But after installing the theme into a 9930, the banner height is still the default height of the OS7.1 theme. Is it possible to get the modified banner height using Theme Builder 7.1 to work in the device?

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    Keep in mind that this is Theme Builder BETA 7.1 version. Not a Gold release. So there are going to be many bugs. What you see is what you get with this version. We hope that RIM will now release a Gold version now that the Beta has been leaked into the public.

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    How exactly do you use this to make the banner smaller? I've downloaded it buuut only thing I know how to do is change icons, that's about it, how do you get the banner mini?

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