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    General Theme Question - Altering a Premade Theme


    I am new to Blackberry after 6 years of dedicated Windows Mobile use and abuse. I've only recently reached the comfort to change my OS, and run a custom theme. I am currently using the Ti-Blue theme I found over at Crackberry (Ti-Blue Theme here), yet am trying to alter the background picture. The process of altering themes is dramatically different than that of WM6.

    I was able to change the wallpaper for the today screen using the operating system's menu. The Application List and background on the phone however, are the picture from the theme itself. What is the proper process to get the wallpaper below as the background in all pages of the theme? I have done my share of searching, and haven't found a simple "How To" thread anywhere. This question is as newb as it gets, and after joining the Blackberry crowd so late in the game, there are some attitudes when asking such a question on some of the larger boards. Just looking for directions (or if someone wants to do all the hard work, that's fine too).

    Thanks in advance,

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    The theme maker would have to put that in the screens for you. If you PM the maker sometimes they will add it in for you for a small fee or a donation.

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