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    Batch Icon Re-Sizing Tutorial

    Batch Icon resizing tutorial with Photoshop CS3

    I have created a tutorial on how to change the size of a group of icons in an entire folder using the Batch command in Photoshop CS3. This tutorial I believe will work in earlier version of Photoshop also.
    I hope someone can find this useful.

    1. Create two separate folders on your Computer.

    2. Typically I name them (1) Originals and (2) ReSized. Put them in a place on your Computer that you will remember.

    3. 'Copy' all of your original images or icons you intend to resize into the 'Originals' folder. Be sure to Copy these images into the folder. You'll always want to work on copies of your original images, rather than the originals themselves, incase something happens, you will still have a backup of your original images.

    4. Open Photoshop

    5. Open one(1) image to create a new resizing action, which will be used to resize a batch of images at once.

    6. Click on the Folder icon(create new set) in the Actions Panel. Name it something like 'Custom'.

    7. Click the create new action icon (next to the Folder icon. Looks like a sheet of paper with a folded corner).

    8. Name the Action 'ReSize Icons'(because that is what we are using this action for).

    9. Once you press record, Photoshop will start recording this action, go to the next step without doing anything else.

    10. Go to the Toolbar and click 'image'(ALT-CTRL-I) --> click Image size and change to the desired size you wish. Then click OK.

    11. Next, SAVE the image file (usually a png for Plazmic Theme icons) to the 'ReSized Folder' you created earlier in Step 2. You can name the image anything you wish.

    12. Now we need to stop the Recording Action. Click the Stop Recording Icon in the Actions Panel. It is the little square icon just like on any digital media player. This completes the Action part and we can now process the rest of the images.

    13. Go to FILE click on AUTOMATE then BATCH.

    14. Your settings should already be set to the names you created earlier, but here's a recap. - The 'PLAY' section should be Set= Custom. The Action=ReSize. The Source=Folder.

    15. Choose the 'Originals' Folder for the Source Files and Choose the 'ReSize Folder' for the Destination File.

    16. Make sure override 'Action Save As Commands' is checked, because we included the SAVE command in the Action we created.

    17. Click 'OK' and your images should automatically start resizing and saving to the Folder you specified earlier.

    18. From now on all you need to do is follow from Step 13 on.

    Depending on your System, don't go too crazy with the amount of images you try to resize. Start out with 10-20 images and see how your computer responds. If you try to 'Batch' too many at once you might CRASH your system.

    Any questions about this feel free to PM me. I hope this speeds things up for the Theme Makers.

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    Hi, amcatania.
    Thanks for your nice sharing. But I wonder how can I accomplish
    image resizing process. Do I need another image resizer to help change the size of images? I am almost a green hand here. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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