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I guess more inportantly are they will they be breaking the long standing no wifi issue when HSPA is up and running.
The way I hear it they are dropping the unlimited data plans and will not be grandfathering any plans. instead they will be offering a 6 gig plan and a 500mb package. If you have an exsisting conteract like I do your rates/plan wont change but if you want to re sign a new one. The u/l data will no longer be offered.

Again this is just what I've heard no hard info ..take it for what it's worth
So Telus doesn't implement wifi? That's one of the best features with the iPhone is that when your surfing Safari with wifi wow it is truly like having the internet in your pocket. What they have done with the web, multimedia and gaming has revolutionized the mobile phone world. Once they figure out the whole email thing, RIM will be screwed.