Here is a summary of my experience with Telus' DPP with Asurion. On Monday, I dropped my 9700 in a puddle. Telus told me my only option was to use the insurance that I had purchased with Asurion. The next morning, the story unfurls....

Tuesday June 8, 0930H – called Asurion to file a claim, spoke with Ron. Was told that the phone would go out the same day and it would include accessories such as home charger, instructions etc. Paid claim deductible ($150 on my Visa).

Tuesday June 8, 0948H – received confirmation email while still on the phone with the representative from Asurion. Email does not list any accessories as being included. Email says I will receive another email within 12 hours with tracking information.

Tuesday June 8, 1930H – still haven’t received email with tracking information. Go online and check claim status. It says tracking information is not available, but is on Next Day service.

Tuesday June 8, 2200H – still no email. Call Asurion. I am assured that the device has been sent, but UPS hasn’t entered the info into the system yet. I ask how the rep knows this, and am told “because they always go out the same day”.

Wednesday June 9, 0930H – still no email. Call Asurion. Rep tells me that the device has not been shipped yet because the claim wasn’t received before their shipping cut off time. The claim was not received until 1445H she informs me. Even if she is speaking EDT, that is still 3 hours after the claim was (and my credit card) was processed. Now 24 hours after original email with no follow up email. She says there is nothing she can do, but the device will go out today. She emphasizes to me, “It’s really not that big of a deal”. Nice.

Wednesday June 9, 1405H – still no email. Call Asurion. Spoke with Ron, the same person I filed the claim with yesterday. He said that the phone was scheduled to be shipped yesterday. Placed on hold while he finds out what is going on because there is still no tracking information associated with the claim. He doesn’t know what is going on. He is going to call me back probably tomorrow, after he contacts his warehouse. He assures me that he will “personally” look after this matter. He assures me that I will have a phone call with more information at 0900H MDT. We shall see.

Thursday June 10, 0845H – Still no email. Checked status of claim online. Same page “our records indicate that your device will be Next Day. But there is no tracking.....” Waiting for Ron to call.

Thursday June 10, 0910H – Ron calls, 10 minutes late. He still has no information regarding why there is no tracking number. He says, “We are still researching as to what is going on”. He asks me what I would like to do. I tell him that I want a phone shipped out in the next hour so that it will arrive tomorrow, as we are already at the 3 business day limit they promised. He says he will do what he can to get a phone sent out and call me back in an hour.

Thursday June 10, 0939H – Ron calls. He says he can ship a new phone out today. He will have to take my credit card number and charge me again, as he doesn’t see it going through in the first place. He asks me to check the Visa bill to ensure we are not double charged. A cursory look at my Visa statement indicates I was indeed charged. I will check again at the end of the month to confirm this. He says the phone will be shipped from Ontario, so I should have it tomorrow. I will get a system generated email with details. He doesn’t know what happened and can’t assure me that the phone will go out today, but 99.99% of the time it goes out. Ron tells me that it is obvious that AsurionI have confirmed with UPS that the next day service cut off time is 1700H local time. It is DEFINITELY before 1700H in Ontario, where Ron says the warehouse is.

Thursday June 10, 0946H – Received new email from Asurion. Same content as before, but...69664880. This is almost exactly (2mins away) 48 hours after the process began. This email states ALSO that I will receive another email within 12 hours containing tracking information.

Thursday June 10, 1706H – Still no email. Call Asurion. Rep tells me that there is no way the device would have shipped today. Ask to speak with a supervisor. Kerry says that there has been an issue with the warehouse. This is the third complaint he has had regarding this. He will look into it further and contact me no later than 0900H tomorrow morning. He says there is absolutely nothing Asurion can do to offset my issues and hassles. I believe they are in breach of the contract. I am contacting the BBB right now. BBB CASE#: 37068112. Asked for a refund of my $150 as well as immediate replacement of my device. I will contact a small claims attorney in the morning to discuss recourse against Asurion and/or Telus.

Thursday June 10, 1727H – Calling Telus Loyalty. Now on hold 7:30 and counting. 11:24 wait to speak with Sophia in Loyalty. While on the phone with Loyalty, Kerry calls back and says that the warehouse coordinator will get an email placing my concern at the top of the pile, and that I am going to get a $75 Visa gift card for my troubles. I will receive a phone call first thing in the morning to discuss what is happening. Telus will give me a new Bold for $250 and North America $10 free for a year. The $25 equipment exchange fee will be credited on my account. I also removed the Device Protection Plan from my account. Sophia was the rep I spoke with. She was very helpful.

I will call Asurion and cancel my claim. I will call Kerry back and cancel the the claim. Kerry says that the claim will be immediately cancelled and that I should check my statement to verify. Nice system they have.