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    Problems receiving calls from outside Canada

    I cannot receive calls from outside Canada anymore. I have a Storm 9530. I Change my number because I moved back to Quebec city. Even after that it was ok for the weekend because I received calls from Colombia that weekend. After I didn't use it for 2 weeks because I was outside of my area so I don't know exactly when it stopped working. I installed the application flipoff and I had to installed CM for it to work. When I found out I couldn't receive calls from outside Canada, the first thing I did is to uninstall those two things. It didn't work I still have the problem. I can make calls outside the country. I can even send and receive text messages from Colombia. I called Telus on Saturday when I found out about the problem. They told me that they would send a note to the technical department to solve the situation and it's still not working. When people are trying to call me it's like my number doesn't exist. I don't think my phone is the problem because they would end up on my voice mail exactly like when my phone is off but they don't. It's like my line is blocked for the outside of the country calls. Incoming long distance calls from anywhere in Canada are ok.

    Can someone help me because I really need to receive those calls.

    Thanks in advance

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    Truthfully, I would just try a wipe and reload.

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