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    Consensus says: AT&T customers say they're "very satisfied"!

    A study conducted by the Yankee Group, a research group with a global span and extensive as well as impressive record for technology consumer marketing research, claims that 69% of Smartphone users on the AT&T network are very satisfied with the service. Shocking considering the recent plunder of network congestion due to the mass influx iPhone 4 service upon the release of the Apple device a month ago. Although the web shows endless negative remarks from AT&T users the satisfaction survey claims otherwise. AT&T officials claim that the blame is not on the service they provide but rather the "perception" customers have of their network - in their words:"There's a gap between what people hear about us and what their experience is with us. We think that gap is beginning to close," says Mark Siegel, an AT&T spokesman. "It doesn't mean we're perfect; we still have work to do. But that's no surprise to us, because we have a great network."

    What this means for BlackBerry Smartphone users on the AT&T grid? Well we simply will have to continue dealing with the congestion and price increases due to the large data quantity iPhone devices suck out of the network. In the meantime AT&T is trying to improve upon "the nation’s fastest 3G network".

    Over the past year AT&T has doubled its user capacity in the big apple in attempt to alleviate the already swamped network its running. Download speeds have also been increased an estimated 15% in 3G coverage areas according to AT&T. Another boast made by AT&T is their vast improvement in what they call '3G Voice-composite Quality Index' which was improved by whopping 89% between 2009/2010 for AT&T customers residing in NYC.

    The flip-side to all of this improvement is that while AT&T focuses network improvement in New York City, they have left behind its second largest network sore - San Francisco. Whose network is experiencing a 90 day lag time in their service quality improvements. As AT&T has said in few words - we cannot win them all but we are pretty great!

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