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    More commercial drama - Funny videos though

    (image courtesy of BGR)

    I was not going to put this up on the front page since it is not BlackBerry related. However, I am since I found some laughter out of these commercials and viewer parodies of them on youtube. Some of them are rather funny. Before we get to that, iphone has joined in on the commercial attacks with AT&T against Verizon. You can view those videos at BGR by clicking here. After seeing those commercials I came across a youtube video of ones own version of these commercials. I would love to see this commercial on national TV:

    So after having a little laugh over that, I got into looking around and now I want to think what you guys think are the best iphone 'there's an app for that' parody. Post the youtube video in here.

    I did not put this on the front page after all.
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