T-Mobile Confirms A Few Details For 9700 & OS 5.0 For 8900
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Thread: T-Mobile Confirms A Few Details For 9700 & OS 5.0 For 8900

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    T-Mobile Confirms A Few Details For 9700 & OS 5.0 For 8900

    inline imageThere's no secret that I am a T-Mobile fan. Most of the information that they have confirmed is nothing new or earth shattering. However there is some new information.

    It's already known that T-Mobile will be releasing the 9700 this year, and while no date is official, a time frame does exist. From the sounds of it, they want the device released by the end of November. Sometime around Thanksgiving. The device is being tested and soon after completing that stage, training will begin, lasting just a couple of weeks. That is all of course if testing goes well.

    If you have an 8900 there's good news as well. T-Mobile is testing OS 5.0 on the 8900. Testing is supposed be nearing completion, and expected to launch before the release of the 9700. This could also speak to a possible release of OS 5.0 in general, due to the rumor of RIM not wanting OS 5.0 out for other devices before the launch of the Storm 2.

    Also confirmed is visual voicemail for BlackBerry users with OS 5.0. T-Mobile hope to launch it by the end of the year with the release of OS 5.0. This could be a very exciting few months ahead and end of the year coming up.

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    Is there any info on the price? or anyone have a pretty good guess at what it might be?
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    I am more interested in knowing when is the OS 5.0 for the 8900 will be out and if its going to include the BBM 5.0 with the avatar and other options and threaded sms's..

    Right now I am using the and I am loving it, except that bbm has no avatar and other options.

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    I need the 5.0 OS for my 8900 Is there an OTA download link? I don't have a desktop Computer. Any ideas? Thanks I'm always lookin' for new BB friends Sohila Catherine.McCartin@comcast.net:1244:
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