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    which one?
    good question
    All of them
    Wirelessly posted (9000 OS

    Quote Originally Posted by 306buddyluv
    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73 View Post
    The problem is much larger than that. This issue is embedded into carriers network. Cell phone carriers use what are called gateways or trunk compression to compress the signal of many cell signals down to one to maximize speed as well as number of cell towers. This equipment is antiquated and costs huge $$$ to upgrade. GSM carriers in the US have the worse tech when it comes to that and to upgrade all of these by 2010 is like me becoming president.

    TMO's claim is straight up false advertisement and the last time I checked that was illegal in the US.
    Out of all the money those bastard make from us, you would have thought that they would spend the money to do this. But they don't. The just increase the rates and make us pay for things that we shouldn't be paying for. I.e charging us for sending us a paper bill. Thats why the Euro counter parts are so far ahead of us. Cause they actually value the customers. Not like the A holes here...
    If you haven't heard it yet that fee won't be going to you, they decided to not add the fee for paper billing.

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    none the sidekick lx 09 haha
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    Only thing I don't understand about these speeds is.
    1. Most webservers will not allow over 125kbs per line.\
    2. your only really getting that speed from the tower to your phone not the outside networks.

    I hope by that time all networks and towers will be running that network so it would be less drag and clogging.

    They need to start releasing the phones with the new Lithium-ion polymer battery.

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    If they say it and I run multiple tests over and over with my friends and our results dont show 7.2 Mbps or 21 Mbps when its out then iw ill sue t-mobile even though they are the carrier I use lol

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