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    New Pearl 3G Not Coming To Either T-Mobile or AT&T?

    It can be quite interesting to see how and which carriers decide to sell new BlackBerry devices that RIM develops. Sometimes new devices are exclusive for a period of time such as the pink Pearl 9100 on Telus in Canada. Other times it's a giant guessing game as to who will be carrying a new device. For example, while Sprint is already selling the new Bold 9650 online, Verizon has yet to officially announce they will be selling the device.

    As for the new Pearl 9100, rumor is that T-Mobile will not be choosing to carry the 9100. Instead it looks as though T-Mobile may be opting for a 3G version of the 85xx or upcoming 93xx series. This is all very fascinating considering T-Mobile has done quite will in the past with the 71xx and 81xx Pearl series. Why would T-Mobile make a decision like this? The general consensus from WES were quite positive for the new Pearl.

    Perhaps no carrier in the U.S. will carrying the Pearl 9100. AT&T has yet to put in their word on whether or not they will be selling the device. Could it be that the market in the U.S. has changed where carriers feel like customers would rather have a full QWERTY device than SureType? It seems like it would be a shame for no U.S. carrier to sell the Pearl 9100, as I just mentioned how well received the device was at WES. Whatever the case may be, it's always excruciating waiting for official word from carriers.

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    as i mentioned on twitter, this is very interesting did the 81xx receive such a bad reputation on these carriers that they will not trust that it is the same plus some above their precious blackberry bold 9700... or is it that they just don't want to take away potential slider customers?

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    From what I can tell you ATT will get it, there is just a few small things they are fixing before it happens, if u review the pics from WES there were some running att 3g, as for tmobile they're probably holding because of the 9300 and another one they will be adding soon to their line
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