8350i random radio shutdown
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Thread: 8350i random radio shutdown

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    8350i random radio shutdown

    My 8350i will at times shut off its mobile network at which time we will notice that text messages will display the red X. Manage connections check reveals the mobile network is unchecked and must be re-checked to turn it back on. Im using device software v4.6.1.313, the signal is 5 bars, battery and contacts are good the phone is new and has been replaced once. Support has re-provisioned the Blackberry server manually. The device has also been wiped and re-loaded. Battery pulls, master resets dont cure it for any length of time more than 2 days. RIM and Nextel tier 2 support are unable to resolve this issue. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?
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    Wow. Did you ever find out the problem? I know this was a post from awhile ago. I don't think I encounter an issue quite like the one yo have. If worst comes to worst, for future reference, you might have to do an OS wipe and re-install the phone drivers. Otherwise, maybe your phone needs to be cleaned of viruses. Whatever the case may be you should have it taken in to the nearest store as soon as possible if you cannot figure out the problem yourself.

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