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    Sprint employee spills more details on the Palm Pre

    Don?t have time to read all that? Here?s everything in one neat little package:

    No video recording at launch, though they seem to think such a thing will be added via update.
    MMS support is confirmed
    They imply that Office 2007 documents work fine on Pre, though they don?t specify if it?s read-only
    Custom ringtones are a go, as are ringback tones
    When in USB mode, all calls will be automatically routed to voicemail.
    IM Services: Google Talk and AIM at launch.
    The color for calendar events can be chosen manually on the Pre, or sync?ed with the colors you?ve got set up in Exchange
    Cookies can be disabled in the browser
    No pictbridge profile yet, so no wireless photo printing

    via MobileCrunch

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    Wow sounds like it will be a rough start with that too lol, i dont like the USB mode idea...

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