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    The only one availab

    Sprint launching the Blackberry Curve 8530 tommorow

    Thats right just as we told you last week, Spring will begin offering the Curve 8530 through Direct Ship meaning you can order your pretty Curve in store and pick it up when it gets to the store usually in one to two business days. The pricing for the Blackberry Curve 8530 through Spring is going to be a pretty reasonable $49.99 after $100 Mail In Rebate. That is coming in lower than Big Red.
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    Hi Vash. How is the process to buy it? I don't know how works.

    Please, I'm sorry for this dumb question

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    This is funny how sprint (my carrier)still selling the 8330 for 49.99 With two year contract and $549.00 with out
    wile this new model is just $349.99 without contract

    MMMM... why would that be

    The price difference is cos the 8330 is by far one of the best phone out there
    and is going to stay around for a wile
    I just got a 8330 last week when i could get a newer BB model
    but none of them convince me of being a better phone
    in my opinion (Aside from the BB Tour) RIM is going ship really ship in the way they’re making this new models phones
    no doubt they look nice ,but again this is my opinion, i think the BB TOUR will be the last phone that when you have it in your hand you know you have a blackberry

    (Blackberry user since the 75xx series)

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    my wife has one of these, its constantly not doing its job

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChipperJones View Post
    my wife has one of these, its constantly not doing its job
    Maybe it's time for an upgrade to a newer BlackBerry?

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