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    WoW! Thanks Laney... nice write-up, but it left out those who were involved.

    I always assumed that username BlackberryOS was the founder for this, hence his name and the title, "god". That gave me the impression he basically owns it. But sounds like cRackman (aka brett) was the actual founder.

    Its alittle confusing :boggled: trying to place who and what, as there are quite a few titles on this site than I expected, for example: Director of Graphics & Design, help team, forum manager, Asst. admin, director of operations, site official, Director of Marketing and so on. I guess in military lingo, what is the chain of command with these titles? Some are self explanatory while others I don't quite understand their responsibilities.

    Do I seem a little nosey?? hahaha... I find this to be the best BB site by all means, and great atmosphere. From there, I get curious and like to know more than the surface of things. I do find it surprised that some team members didn't know how this site came about. That should be part of the initiation. :chairshot:

    Thanks all for the replies!!! :You_Rock_Emoticon:

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    well, you are correct about "blackberryos" being the owner but he is actually brett and not "bbcrackman" :lmao:

    i know it sounds confusing but i would stay tuned as we are actually working on a "who is who, meet the bbos staff" project right now

    in the meantime, i think this might help a little with the chain of command:

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