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Thread: Delete/cancel BBOS account

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    Delete/cancel BBOS account

    I know many will ask "why are you leaving?" But I would please like for an administrator to delete/cancel my account ASAP.

    I dont appreciate people commenting on my appearance based on my profile picture. I am (was) a member of this site for BLACKBERRY PURPOSES ONLY! If I wanted to recieve those types of comments, I would join a dating service, NOT bbos.

    A small message to the rest of the world,
    Please out of respect for people on ANY site. Please dont comment on someone's appearance. Even if it's done with the best intentions, its rude and makes people feel very uncomfortable.

    I will be waiting for some type of email, since I wont be back to check my PMs. Im sure admins would have access to my email address (obviously im not gunna post it)

    Thanks you team and Goodbye :17: I'll miss you :17:

    BackUps and BatteryPulls are the key to a Happy BB
    If you have any Questions, Comments, Requests or Glitch Reporting please send me a PM,
    I'm not posting my email anymore since I'm getting to many spam emails. TY.

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    If you will Linda, Please PM me to help shed some light on exactly what has transpired.

    You have always been a valued member of the community.
    Just looking to gain some insight on the situation.


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