Hello BBOS members and guests! For some time now we have been bringing you the latest and greatest BlackBerry news from our blog. We are always looking for ways to make that content known to the BlackBerry community so that we can dialog about the daily events taking place. So in efforts to make that discussion experience easier in our blog, we have transitioned over to the Disqus commenting system!

A couple reasons we did this. For one, the commenting system we were using only allowed registered members to comment. While this is ideal, it is problematic to those who don't have the time to register on the site. It also will allow users to comment using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, which is pretty much everyone.

This system has been implemented on both the full site and mobile site. The Disqus (pronounced "discuss") system comes with many built in features as well. Such as; rating a article, voting a comment up or down, sharing a comment or article to social networks, and threaded discussion to name a few.

To post in the forums, you will still need to register before you have permission. We have essentially broke up the forums from the blog in some regards. Which is how it should be in the first place. The forums will continue to be used to the fullest as well in helping and discussing everything BlackBerry.

I hope you enjoy this new commenting system. Head over to the blog now and get in on the conversation!

Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below!