Da, da da, daaaah!... Introducing the BlackBerryOS.com app for BlackBerry PlayBook! Yes, folks, BBOS now has an awesome functioning native app for your tablet. We want first give a shout-out and say thanks to the expertise of the guys at c2development for compiling this wonderful app together for us. Now you can keep up on the latest and greatest news from our blog, topics in our forums, download hi-res wallpapers to your device, and much more right from the comfort of your tablet!

We have submitted the app to App World and it is now available! Get it now, and check out all the great features that the BBOS PlayBook app has to offer!

Update 5/12: you can now download the BBOS app for PlayBook in App World!

Be sure to leave us any feedback or suggestions on what you think about the BBOS PlayBook app in the comments below!