Hello Members and Guests,

Regarding bbOSalert app -
Some of you know about the bbOSalert app that was started by the previous owner of BBOS, Brett Wyman. When we acquired BBOS from Brett back in June of 2010, bbOSalert was suppose to come as part of the BBOS site purchase and to include an update to version 2 with added new features. Brett Wyman has failed to fulfill on his part to update the app per our agreement and to provide us the source code to the app so that any other updates/adjustments outside our agreement could be made.

We have attempted to contact him numerous times in the last 12+ months in hopes to get our contract fulfilled regarding bbOSalert with no response. We have even reached out to Brett to try and get a refund for the money we put towards getting the app, and also have received no response. So at this point, BlackBerryOS will not continue with the bbOSalert app, unless, Mr. Wyman fulfills his end of the deal. I apologize for anyone who had purchased the app in hopes that it would continue on. bbOSalert has been removed from the App Store and will die out with OS 4.7 compatibility. We do not have any plans to continue something that was handed to us incomplete by Mr. Wyman.

NOTE: Although we still legally own the rights to bbOSalert app per our agreement through Mr. Wyman, we see it best to focus on the BBOS website and hope that Mr. Wyman will decide to fulfill his end of the deal. Until, or if, that happens, the app has been discontinued.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding this, you can contact Brett Wyman at: