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    Quote Originally Posted by juwatkin View Post
    I believe it is called "running a test on Blackberry and non-Blackberry users and fanatics to see if it is worth making a buck of it, or better yet let people see "that new bb quantum infinity 12430squared," get feedback-run a simple analysis of comments from us and then make 2 bucks instead of one. Torch 5 soon? I swear someone told me it was on the way, and it has a coffee maker built in too! On that note I will stick with the 9700 I like for now and hit Starbucks. RIM then says well lets release a 6 without a coffee maker and we win. Done. Business 101..
    Lol, interesting and entertaining way to put it.

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    The problem remains the same. The lack of creativity, and design rim should know better that smaller phones do not appeal to the masses. Let alone a smaller touch screen, its already hard enough to navigate around most touch screens.

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