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    Quote Originally Posted by joshjamie View Post
    Have to agree with jnespa with this one. I also recieve over a 100 emails in the course of a day, am running 16 apps, 3 themes, and I have no issues with the speed of the phone. with the .509 hybrid, my bootup time is nerar 3 minutes and memory drain is a thing of the past. I'm using the storm 1 and yes, the browser is slow. I easily fixed that with downloading opera mini 5 beta2 which has addressed my concerns with the browser speed.

    Having used a bb for the past 10 years, I can honestly say I won't be switching to a droid or anything else for that matter. Everyone seems to forget that the bb was and is built for the proffessional user for business. Yes, everyone and their brother has one now, and RIM I think has done a tremendous job at accomondating the average user, but to this day, still remain true to the real purpose of the bb.

    That being said, yes, some improvements can be made. particularly to the browser. But as far as I have seen, for the professional business user, there is no equal to the bb on the market today.

    Just my 2 cents
    I agree with both...I have had my Storm 1 since initial release...I still love it. It is not a PC, it is a handheld device with handheld device speed!

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    The phone is C***!!!!!!!! It's the only blackberry i hate! It's ok when i played with it but for every day use, it's very annoying when it lags and i don't like typing on it.

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