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    Possible major Rogers My Account app flaw

    Unfortunately I think I have been a victim of a pretty big flaw in the Rogers My Account particular for customers that subscribe to Rogers My10. For anyone that doesn't know, My10 is a feature where you can submit 10 phone numbers and there is no charge (long distance or airtime) for any calls made to or from those numbers.

    My last billing cycle ran from August 11 to September 10. I received the bill on September 20 - it was a whopping $1500......a bill that is normally $120. After inspection of the bill, I noticed that things went haywire on August 20. All of the 10 numbers in my wife's My10 list somehow got deleted. Rogers sends out no notification whatsoever when changes are made to the list. Since there is no notification, we obviously continued on as normal. We have no landline home phone and all of our family are long distance calls - and she spends A LOT of time on the phone.

    I called Rogers to find out what happened, and they explained that the numbers were deleted from the Rogers My Account app. Now obviously we didn't delete all of the numbers on purpose, and then continue to call them like crazy. And luckily for us, Rogers agreed and used common sense and adjusted our bill, however it took 2 weeks for Rogers to do an investigation and come to that conclusion.

    Over the course of that 2 weeks, I did some searching on the net to see how those numbers could have been deleted, and the only thing I found was a YouTube video that a guy made showing how the My Account app will ereonously delete the numbers from the list. I have tried to replicate it on both my 9700 and my wife's 9300 but was unsuccessful. That said, I can't think of any other possible cause.

    Here is the video that I found. My10 and My5 customers beware.

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    I had something similar happen with Telus

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    Thanks for sharing, hopefully others will not have to go through the nightmare you encountered.

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