Its my daughters 3rd birthday on Friday, I know, shes a bit young for a tablet but she already can use my laptop to watch cloudbabies on you tube etc.

Anyhow, her granny wanted to buy her a present for her birthday and we figure a tablet would be a good idea as my laptop overheats when playing videos etc.

I thought it would be nice if my daughter could skype her granny on her birthday with her new tablet as granny lives in Ireland and we dont, I have just learned that there is no skype on a BB playbook tablet.

So , what are my options for video chat? It would have to be something that can be used on a windows laptop also as thats what granny uses.

I'm not after bells and whistles, just a video chat program, free would be great.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I have not bought it yet, I need to buy something by tomorrow so it will arrive and be fully charged by Friday.