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    Lightbulb Connect BlackBerry Desktop S/W to Playbook in Windows XP Virtual Machine on OS X

    I have a new Playbook that I connect to my Macbook Pro. I was able to connect to BlackBerry s/w on OS X immediately but I was having troubles connecting on Windows XP (running on Parallels).

    The symptom that something was amiss was that when I connected the Playbook via USB cable (and USB was "owned" by the V/M) Windows presented me with the "found new hardware but don't have drivers" error and dialogue windows.

    This was finally resolved when I found, in the Playbook configuration settings, under "Storage & sharing", an option for USB Connections. The default was "Automatically Connect". When I changed this to "Connect to Windows", the Playbook immediately was recognized in Windows. Woo hoo.

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    Thanks marges for that information, and thanks for sharing here at the best BlackBerry forum on the NET.
    Also, welcome. Glad you've joined our group.

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