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    Camera View Location And Pinch To Zoom In PlayBook Video Chat

    So my fellow blogger and good friend robyntheginger and I were testing out the new video chat app in the PlayBook OS 2.0 today and we found a couple of goodies that needed to be shared.

    Camera view location. We saw that upon pressing on our own camera view and dragging it, we could actually move the location of it to any of the four corners of the screen. You do this by simply dragging the view up, down, right, left or even diagonally across the screen. I personally thought that was pretty awesome and a nice little Easter egg that was left for us die-hard BlackBerry users to find.

    [So apparently this isn't new in 2.0 but I still didn't know it was possible] > Pinch to zoom. There's also another little bit of interaction we can have with our own camera views: Pinch to zoom. Pinching in anywhere on the screen will make the view smaller, while pinching out will increase the size of it instead. Some people are a little shy when it comes to seeing themselves on camera or simply want a bigger view of what the other is seeing. In these cases, the pinch to zoom camera view definitely helps.

    As we dig into OS 2.0 more in the next few days/weeks, I'm sure we'll find more and more things to share with you guys. I do wonder what the next little Easter egg will be.
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    Looking at the picture on my PlayBook and BlackBerry is WAY different than on here. I look like even more of a dork now. At least AgentBlackBerry does too.

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    I hate to burst your bubble JT, but both of those features were found on previous PlayBook OS builds
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