Have you ever wanted to play a YouTube video on your BlackBerry PlayBook, but the quality playback wasn't that good, or good enough?

I am going to show you how to playback YouTube videos, or any video to play on your 7" tablet with excellent output resolution.

The BlackBerry PlayBook can playback crystal clear video; H.264, MPEG4, WMV video output.

The recommended video format for local playback on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is:

File Format: MP4
Component: Video
Codec: H.264
High profile,720p (1280 x 720) Output to a HD television, with a HDMI cable has a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080).
Tablet screen resolution is 1024 x 600.

Component: Audio
Codec: AAC
Notes: LC-AAC, stereo 5.1

The Firefox browser, latest version is Firefox 9.0.1 for Windows English (US)
Free Download (Direct)
Easy YouTube Video Downloader 5.9 Add-On for Firefox
Download Here

First download or update your Firefox browser, then go to Firefox's Add-on, scroll to extensions, search for Easy YouTube Video Downloader, install the Add-On, and re-start Firefox to complete installation of add-on.

Now you're ready to download any YouTube video, or any other video to your BlackBerry PlayBook, or any other video you wish to download for your tablet.

I have attached pictures (edited screen shots) for you to make it easier to understand how to make this possible.

How to get optimum (HD) video quality playback on BB PlayBook-easy-youtube-video-downloader-5.9-add-.jpg

The add-on is now installed in Firefox.

How to get optimum (HD) video quality playback on BB PlayBook-youtube-blackberryos-video.jpg

As you can see here, not all YouTube videos will not give you an option to download all video formats, it's completely normal.

How to get optimum (HD) video quality playback on BB PlayBook-youtube-1080p-hd-bb-playbook.jpg

As you can see in this picture, here we have the option to download the video in either 360P, 720P(HD), 1080P(HD) resolution.
The higher the video resolution, the bigger the video file, most of the time 720P is sufficient for excellent playback, but if you want to go all out, and space is not an issue for you, 1080P is simply gorgeous.

Remember to save your downloaded file(s) in the correct location.

To do this, go to FireFox - Options, go to the General tab, scroll to Download's and configure where you wish to save your (video) file(s), either to a specific location, or be prompted every time.

How to get optimum (HD) video quality playback on BB PlayBook-firefox-options.jpg

When the completed video file is on your desktop (preferred location), using your supplied USB cable, plug in the PlayBook to any available USB port and wait for the computer's notification window to confirm the PlayBook is now connected, then drag and drop the video file(s) from the desktop to your BlackBerry PlayBook, and it will show up in the PB video folder.

Be amazed how beautiful the quality is as you lay back in comfort watching your favorite (YouTube) videos in standard, or high-definition (HD) video output, (and show off to your family and friend's).

Hope this will help you understand how to get the best video quality for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Enjoy all users of

Note: this is based on my own personal experience using the Firefox browser, and this add-on.
Other users may chose to go another way using a different browser, and a different add-on (if available)

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