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    How to remove applications from the BlackBerry PlayBook

    How to remove applications from the BlackBerry PlayBook

    To remove an application from the BlackBerry PlayBook complete the following steps:

    Method 1 (via App World):

    1. Launch BlackBerry AppWorld and tap My World at the top of the screen.
    2. A list of currently installed applications will appear. Tap on the Delete button next to the application to be remove.
    3. When prompted, tap OK to complete the deletion.

    Note: Applications can be reinstalled at any time by tapping on the Uninstalled section of this screen in the upper right, then tapping the Reinstall button next to the desired application.

    Method 2:

    1. Expand the application drawer on the All tab.
    2. Press and hold (sometimes known as a long press) on any icon to enter Edit mode.
    3. Tap the trash can icon below the icon for the application you wish to delete.

    Note: This will allow deletion of any application, including system defaults. Default applications can only be restored through a system software update.

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