Hello all.
Just bought a playbook and want to listen to youtube audiobooks in background. The answer seems to be stereotube but blackberry world (on my tablet) will not let me buy apps. The first few times I pressed purchase I received the message "problem with payment option" and was given a credidcard/paypal choice. I chose paypal and was asked to sign in to paypal. I did this but nothing happened. On alll subsequent attempts pressing "purchase" has produced a response from the purchase button ( as if it was going to do something) but nothing else.
When I go to the desktop store it just says I have to buy it from my tablet GRRRR. I performed a datawipe and reistalled software to 2.1.1917. I have rebooted., tried in and out of development mode, I would be happy to sideload a bar file if I could find one. Any ideas? Is it possible to re-install appworld without wiping everthing else, and would that help?
Jim Hallett