Dear all,
I am pleased to announce the release of Rainbow application. Here is a brief description of this application:

The Rainbow application is a powerful tool to transfer (copy or delete) data (files and folders) from one cloud service to another, in three simple steps:
1) Select the source service.
2) Select the files (or folder) that you want to transfer, and
3) Select the target service.

Rainbow supports the following nine cloud services:
- Bitcasa
- Box
- Copy
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- MediaFire
- Pogoplug
- OneDrive (old SkyDrive)
- Sugar Sync

More importantly, the Rainbow application has a powefull search engine that allows one to search for a given file (or folder), and then transfer files from different accounts to your selected folder.

FInally, Rainbow allows one to have as many accounts one wishes for each service, and you can also transfer files (or folders) from one account to another account of the same service.

Currently, the Rainbow app is on sale, and it costs only $0.99.

Thank you

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Here is the link to download it