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    Read Comics on PlayBook

    Does anyone know any good apps for reading comics in CBR. or CBZ. formats? I used to use one called Komik on my android tablet.

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    Hello supremeweaponX, there is a Comic book reader app for BlackBerry. It's called Comics, and can be downloaded from App World here for only $2.99... Buy Comics - Download Comics - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World

    Here is the app description...

    Your shiny BlackBerry® PlayBook™ is the perfect device for reading comic books and now you can. Comics is a comic reader specifically designed for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

    Start reading your comics everywhere and download the Comics application. It will allow you to escape reality wherever, whenever and even save the page your at if you have to run from that other dimension.

    The latest version of Comics now supports swiping to change pages and features a library. Just place your comic book files anywhere on the device, press scan and Comics finds your comics for you. It also features pinch-to-zoom and a complete settings menu to configure Comics to your liking.

    Comics currently supports CBZ, ZIP and CBR files.

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