Union has been a huge supporter for the BlackBerry PlayBook for quite a while now, pushing out new games every month. This time around it was Dark Nebula which is a simple game of getting the orb to the finish line.

The entire game is controlled using the PlayBook's gyroscope, and it works very well. You tilt your device forward, backwards and side to side to guide your orb through the battlefield of Dark Nebula.

Throughout the game you encounter buffs such as speed, jumping and a shield to protect your orb from the dangerous world. Be careful guiding that Orb of yours because some area's don't have walls to help, and you'll fall awaiting a smash to the ground.

For $1.99 its a fun time waster, but I was hoping for a couple more levels. Most levels can be completed within a couple of minutes. If your interested in a motion game that controls extremely well on the PlayBook, then Dark Nebula is a game for you.