Have you ever wondered what a craft would look like if you designed it? How far would it go, and would the passenger stay aboard? With FlyCraft all of those questions can be answered.

Your goal is simple, get your flying creation to go as far as possible. In the game you have several items to use such as wood planks, metal frames and two types of wheels. In your first encounter with the game, you have nothing but those items I mentioned. But as time goes on, you have the opportunity to unlock new equipment such as a firework, and cans of soda to help propel you father down the ramp.

The game runs extremely smooth and has a nice bright background, along with some fun sound effects. The menu is simple and includes a leader-board to challenge your friends. One complaint is the lack of a tutorial, which makes the first achievement a bit challenging to understand.

Overall for $1.99, FlyCraft provides you with a few hours of gaming. I was able to unlock all the achievements within two hours of play, however I still love the challenge to make my craft go farther.