Game Description
Eggventure is a super addictive tilt controlled jumping game with cute graphics and fantastic characters.

Tilt controls are even more accurate than Doodle Jump!

Collect coins and upgrade your superpowers! Unlock new characters, grab crazy powerups, and evade traps to boost yourself to the edge of the Universe and beyond!

Graphics and Sound
In Eggventure you control the eggs, collecting coins and power ups. The game has a kid friendly appearance and bright colors. Each stage in the game changes up the environment which has a winter, western and a couple others. In stage has a new background tune and new items to jump on. The sound effects change depending on the item you jump on giving everything a unique feel.

Game play
Your mission in Eggventure is to jump as high as possible without falling to the ground. You do this by tilting your PlayBook left and right controlling the little egg person. As you climb higher you can collect coins to purchase upgraded power ups or more lives. Continuing on your adventure you run across power ups such as a rocket and a magnetic. The rocket allows you to fly for a few seconds to quickly gather points and coins. The magnetic gathers coins for you that are nearby.

Final Thoughts
For the price of $.99 Eggventure is a must have for the PlayBook. Its a game you can lose a few minutes of time with climbing higher then ever, and makes you want to beat your old score.