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    Game Description

    His name is Corny... Pop Corny, and he loves popcorn! He has one dream, one goal, one vision... TO EAT ALL THE POP CORN IN THE WORLD!! Can you feed him enough to progress to the next level? But be careful as hunger takes over and Corny starts to black out!

    Graphics and Sound
    Pop Corny is a family fun game with bright colors and friendly sound effect. Pop Corny has a smooth as silk interface which is easy to navigate. The music is cute and constant throughout your game play experience. As you start to lose health in the game, the background will become darker providing a unique end of game. The game offers two choices of maps to play on which is in a field and the other in a theater. Pop Corny is rated G in the App World because of its kid friendly graphics and music.

    Game play

    In Pop Corny your mission is to pop all the kernels on the screen before they hit Pop Corny. You do this by pressing on the screen, dragging your finger back to release the power to pop the kernel. The farther you hit a kernel the more points you receive. Along with points you receive drachma coins which can be used to purchase new buckets, and power ups. When you hit two kernels at once you normally receive drachma coins. Once hitting 5 kernels in a row you achieve (On Fire), which allows you to reach the next level a bit quicker. While on the Field map, you can receive a lightning power up once you reach (On Fire) for 30 seconds which takes 30 seconds to recharge each time.

    Final Thoughts
    For the price of $1.99, you get a game worth tons of game play hours. While a simple game of drag and release, you try harder to get deeper levels, higher score and more drachma coins to purchase new items. Don't miss out on this fun PlayBook game.

    Download Pop Corny via App World for only $1.99
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