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    Free App: Flashing Signs for the BlackBerry PlayBook

    Free App: Flashing Signs for the BlackBerry PlayBook-fs-jpg

    This is a Simple Flashing Sign App for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™

    This app includes the following flashing signs (with more to come in future releases!):

    • Stop
    • Free Parking (Left and Right)
    • Construction Ahead
    • No Parking
    • Now Hiring
    • Caution Watch out for Children
    • Construction Ahead
    • Detour (Left and Right)
    • Beware user sign
    • BlackBerry Zone Sign

    More Signs to come - enter in some of your suggestions below!

    Please note this app has been created 'just for fun' and should NOT be used for real applications (such as on a construction site) as these signs are too small to be seen from a distance from a safe driving distance.

    Free App: Flashing Signs for the BlackBerry PlayBook-ss-jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Free App: Flashing Signs for the BlackBerry PlayBook-fs-jpg  
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    I am please to announce that YOU too can make signs for this app! How? well the 'secret' behind the magic of making the signs flash is a site called '
    '. So heres your chance to make a sign and have it displayed in this app.

    Somethings to keep in mind:

    1) Please keep the sign sized around width = 500 x height = 350.
    2) You dont have to be original, but no copyright or copyright-ish materials please!
    3) Try to keep things as clean as possible (I would like to be able to keep an 'E' - kid friendly rating in appworld)
    4) The signs should have some sort of humor/fun usage to them.
    5) Once you have submitted your sign, it will no longer belongs to you (this means I can advertise using your sign and you will not get any profits (if I make any) from this. (this is more for my own 'protection' in case your lawyer some how proves that I do profit from a free for my legal happiness once posted it's mine :P)
    5) Questions and signs should be emailed to ignites (dot) apps (at) or by replying below!

    Thanks for reading, I hope you participate. Happy sign making!

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