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    Blaq For BlackBerry PlayBook Updated To v1.7.1

    Everyone's favorite Twitter client on the PlayBook has been updated this morning. This is mainly a maintenance release but nevertheless, Jerome Carty has made some significant improvements to the app that make it worth upgrading right now. Check below for the change log.

    Here’s what’s new:

    • Timeline position is held if new tweets are loaded while scrolled (instead of jumping to top)
    • Reduced application size
    • Reduced memory footprint
    • Big performance improvements
    • Improved scrolling
    • New splash screen
    • E-mail Tweet
    • Font appearance preview

    And here are some significant bug fixes:

    • Real-time streaming fixes (caused by server changes to Twitter’s streaming on Monday)
    • Long urls in tweets sometimes overflow into the tweet below them
    • Mini browser does not rotate when moving from portrait to landscape and vice versa
    • Tweets over 140 characters are still sendable if the virtual keyboard’s return key is used
    • When tweeting a photo, a lack of space between the link and surrounding text make it unclickable
    • When replying to a retweet, replies should be directed to original tweeter
    • Duplicate tweets

    For more information, go to Kisai Labs' Blog.

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    Thank you for the update AgentBlackBerry!

    Blaq for PlayBook is my #1 top Twitter client as I've always loved how they made it so appealing to Twitter users on so many levels, combined with the features, GUI and performance improvements, this is one app you need to grab if you're a Twitter user like me for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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